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How to contribute to our film.

I have been a Kahlil Gibran researcher for the better part of 17 years. Several years ago I set out to make a film that would capture Gibran’s life story, but as time went by I discovered that a different, more amazing film was unfolding; the story of his poetic legacy.

Using this narrative are aim is to create a documentary film that captures Gibran’s most rewarding achievement, the inspiration of his most influential work, The Prophet, in the lives of his continually growing readership. Our search for the spirit of Gibran will take us places unimagined, across decades, across borders, and into many lives.

However, making a documentary film about the tremendous influence of a larger-than-life-figure such as Gibran is a monumental challenge. It requires a whole host of amazingly talented individuals, loads of passionate admirers, and help with funding from some very generous souls. My hope is that you will fall into one of these categories.

Here are a few ways you can contribute to this effort:



Who is Kahlil Gibran to you and why should we know?

How has Gibran or The Prophet influenced your life or the life of a friend or relative?

Our aim is to collect stories from all across the globe. These tales will make up a vast collection I hope to use them in our film and upcoming multimedia projects.

We hope you will join us along with the many who have *submitted their stories to this project already. Please write to us via   info@gibranfilm.com 

* Any submission in writing will be handle with the upmost care and compliant with the privacy Act 1988*  If Elucidate Pictures Pty Ltd decide to use any of your information for public broadcast  on any medium it chooses, it will act accordingly and ask you for full permission of use beforehand. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us first. 



We are at the stage in our film’s development where we are completing pre-arranged interviews in the USA, Europe, and Latin America. Production agreements with agents and worldwide distributors are also currently in progress.

Your small gift can go a long way towards making this dream a reality. If you are passionate about Gibran and our film and would like to help, you can pledge a donation by using the Donate button above.

The Reluctant Visionary is also gratful to be pre-selected on the Documentary Australia Foundation. A not for profit organaiasation that allows you to support us with a TAX FREE donation.

Documentary Australia Foundation ~ Gibran

All donations will receive a hearty *“thank you” credit on our blog and a heartfelt virtual hug. Donations of $500 or higher will receive a premium access meditation app from  Calm.com inc 

*We respect your need for privacy. If you do not want a “thank you” name credit on our site please add a small note on the donation page. Thank you.  



If you or your organization would like to participate in the project as an Executive Sponsor or in some other sponsorship capacity, please contact me at info@gibranfilm.com.



I would greatly appreciate you spreading the word about our project with friends. Don’t forget to Like and Twitter us as well.

Gratefully and Gibranly Yours,

Glen Kalem

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